Commercial Fleet Awards: Two wins for Lloyds Bank Mobile Vans!

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We’re pretty chuffed that our mobile bank format for Lloyds Bank has won not one, but two accolades at the Commercial Fleet Awards – Best Livery of the Year and Best Fleet Customer Service! And our Bank of Scotland vans didn’t do too shabby either as it was a finalist for Best Livery.

Here’s what the judges said about the Lloyds Bank mobile van experience:

  • The mobile branch solution demonstrates Lloyds’ commitment to its customers.
  • Visually attractive, the interior environment makes the vehicles an appealing place to be – sometimes more so than going into an actual branch!
  • With excellent use of design which perfectly represents the brand, the Lloyds livery delivers on key objectives including safety with enhanced visibility – it goes beyond mere graphics.


Mobile bank branches are an important new format for both the Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland retail brands within Lloyds Banking Group (LBG). They play a key role in the banks’ distribution strategy going forward, allowing them to reach customers in those areas where they may otherwise not have a ‘bricks and mortar’ presence because it’s not economically viable.

Ultimately, LBG wants to support more communities through the mobile branches – leveraging them as an experience for customers in terms of accessing products and services, and to educate people on the wider range of channels available that support their banking.

The vans have a fully holistic experience and environment for customers and colleagues. Core brand assets are leveraged, combined with in-branch design language.


These vans provide the benefits of an instantly recognisable brand presence, a welcoming and accessible environment for new and existing customers, and reassurance that the services on board are in line with retail formats – with the latest technology for secure cash withdrawals and deposits, internet access, customer iPads, and colleague handheld tablets.

Working alongside LEX Autolease, we’ve taken standard commercial vehicles and evolved them to become an impactful, friendly and welcoming representative of each brand for customers – making banking easier for remote communities, and making banking more accessible for older or less agile customers. This is especially true when compared to many competitors’ mobile banks, which largely feel like adapted vans with small windows and a utilitarian approach to the customer experience.

This is a step change in mobile banks, because the vans consider the integration of all aspects of the vehicle. This leads to an internal and external experience that’s brand-led, aspirational, and also functional.

The investment in mobile vans has been so successful that LBG expects to launch dozens more in 2018.

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