Hagkaup: Hoping for DBA Design Effectiveness Gold!

Dec 3, 2017 | Awards

Our unbelievably successful brand experience work with Hagkaup has made the cut onto the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards shortlist – this means we definitely win something and here’s hoping for Gold on 22 February 2018.

Widely recognised as the ‘Oscars’ design effectiveness, these awards recognise that the very best design work is accountable, delivering both creatively and commercially. They’re judged exclusively by design and marketing heads from brands such as The Hershey Company, Waitrose, British Airways, Mars, Barclays and IBM.

Why is Hagkaup such an amazing story?

Icelandic supermarket retailer Hagkaup partnered with us to revisit its flagship store proposition, customer experience, and environment to meet customers’ new shopping needs and fight off increasing competition. Not only this, but the flagship store footprint was reducing by almost 50% as a result of Hagkaup’s business strategy to lower fixed costs but use remaining square meters ‘smarter’ to maximise the profit of each and every one.

A focus on the theatre of the retail offer by thinking ‘less supermarket, more department store’ was imperative for Hagkaup’s flagship to stand out and ensure customers believe that this retailer offers better value for money than the price-based competition.

Hagkaup’s flagship year on year success is way beyond anyone’s expectations. The revamped store has more customers, more sales per square meter, and more EBIDTA than when it was double the size! And all this has happened against objectives to simply maintain YoY levels.

  • Meteoric +180% increase in EBIDTA per square meter
  • Unbelievable +53% rise in overall EBIDTA
  • Massive +77% increase in sales per square meter
  • Huge +13% more customers


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