Interning at M Worldwide: Q&A with Retail Design Student Awards winner

Sep 5, 2016 | Awards, Events

Congratulations again to Sammie Shaw as the winner of the second annual Retail Design Student Awards earlier this year. The Retail Design Student Awards are organised by Lynda Relph-Knight, and our very own Creative Director Helen Shelley was a mentor, alongside David Dalziel at Dalziel & Pow, Tim Greenhalgh at Fitch, Jeff Kindleysides at Checkland Kindleysides, David Judge at Start JG, and Ross Hunter at Graven.

One of Sammie’s prizes was a four week summer placement at M Worldwide, working alongside Helen to continue their mentor/mentee relationship. Sammie’s fun personality and hard work has brought a great deal energy into the studio, and as her placement here comes to an end, we asked her about it:

Did the placement meet your expectations? SS: “It was such a big opportunity, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I didn’t expect such a successful agency like M Worldwide to integrate me into the company culture and get me working on live projects as quickly as it did.”

What skills have you learned? SS: “I’ve built so many skills during my time here! Learning on new equipment such as the Wacom Tablet Pro was great. Also, meeting with clients was completely new to me! Knowing how to present yourself in a meeting is one of the key skills I’ve picked up.”

What challenges have you overcome? SS: There were a few challenges I faced during my time at M Worldwide. But the one thing that I had to face most days was how to meet clients’ needs while still retaining a cohesive design intent.”

Helen will be starting this year’s Retail Design Student Awards programme soon, mentoring at Portsmouth School of Architecture.