Midas Awards 2016

Dec 19, 2016 | Awards

With clients including Halifax, Lloyds Bank, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Skipton Building Society, and Swinton Insurance,
we like to think we know a thing or two about financial services customer experiences, design, and the integration of technology within that.

So we were thrilled (and a bit humbled) when the Midas Awards – the only global awards scheme to recognise excellence in financial services marketing – asked our Joint Managing Director David Martin to be part of its 2016 Grand Jury. He joined client-side brand marketers and agency leaders to review the entries and offer their perspectives not only on how well a message is delivered, but how it is received.

Winners are here and you can also see David’s views on financial services trends in his Grand Jury Spotlight Interview.

Plus we thought you might like an insider’s view of the judging process. So without further ado, here’s what David has to say about it all.

Judging of around 150 entries is all done online, which in itself is an interesting filter. With so much to review on a small iPad, entries that made the grade were impactful, engaging, and stood out within a couple of seconds of viewing them.

Entries that really struck a chord were those that focused on taking a more considered, personalised, or community-led approach. The was some high production quality and originality in the entries, but unfortunately in a world of financial services product intangibility and generalist products, there was also still a huge amount of bland, slightly cheesy lifestyle content on offer.

Highlights included:

  • Emirates NBD Fitness Account – links daily exercise logged onto an Apple watch with up to 2% interest rates and other rewards. There were also many worthy CSR campaigns (helping refugees, low paid construction workers, etc).
  • Absa Barclays Café Prosper – a pop up café in South Africa that brings people together for better conversations and sharing of financial services expertise
  • Mastercard – great new logo and visual identity system
  • ANZ’s MoneyMinded Mondays – campaign with easily actionable tips and advice that to help people improve their financial skills and be more mindful about saving money
  • Interac Pets with Credit: A Dogumentary – engaging and humorous way to present the difficult subject of out of control credit card spending.
  • World First Pirates of the High Fees – witty campaign about high fees charged by competitors, portraying them as pirates

Against the background of a sector that’s often considered boring, slow, complex, and a bit of a ‘chore’ when it comes to marketing due to regulations, it’s apparent that there are still only a few who are truly trying to innovate, create standout, and achieve cut-through. Let’s hope this changes in years to come.

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