A Creative Idea Must Have Value

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Creativity

Those are wise words from Dr Edward de Bono, inventor of lateral thinking and all-round creativity guru! I’m re-reading Lateral thinking – A Textbook of Creativity after 20 years, and it’s still outstanding.

Being different for the sake of being different just isn’t enough, and true creativity is led by an enquiring mind. That’s why our starting point is to always interrogate and understand your problem. Without that, the answers you get will almost certainly be ‘lipstick on a gorilla’.

A lot of this is about constantly looking at how success is measured, what your customers are saying, and more importantly, what they’re doing. Our award-winning thinking helped Lloyds Bank in just that way, with 98% of customers saying that their experience at the Clapham Junction branch was better or much better than other shops or banks. Then there’s Morrisons Format Flex Lab Stores, also award-winning, where Retail Week cited that “Making stores appropriate to a location is one of retail’s Holy Grails, and with Weybridge the grocer may have come a step closer to creating something that can work in this manner.”

Creativity is a skill that must nurtured, else risk stagnation and inertia. We work across many sectors, but all our clients share one major ambition: a memorable visit for their customers. That’s why our whole team regularly visits, watches, experiences, then shares innovations across all aspects of the retail world. In so doing, we feed our minds to consistently deliver high performance design and unique shopper experiences through sight, hearing, smell, and touch. Witness Hagkaup’s Flagship Store with special theatrical ‘hotspots’ throughout the customer journey – the store is 50% smaller but sales are at the same level as they were when the store was double the size!

Enquiring minds think hard about your problems. They seek to understand your business imperatives and market context, your offer, and what turns your shoppers’ heads. This leads to golden insights that are built on (quite literally) to craft a unique and relevant retail experience. That’s how we aim to add value for all of our clients, every day.

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