Whipping up a feast at Waitrose Cookery School

Jan 15, 2017 | Events

Our team along with some of our clients, was testing their culinary skills at the Waitrose Cookery School, Kings Cross by whipping up a middle eastern, meze feast in a team building session. With professional chefs to show the way, our budding chefs learnt how to create a delicious Lahmacun ‘Turkish pizza.’ With arm muscles at the ready for kneading the pizza dough and tissues for all the onions chopping, the ingredients soon all came together and it wasn’t long before the team were putting the tasty Lahmacun into the oven.

An hour into the session, the knife skills of our team were sharpened enough to tackle making the next course, an Aubergine sabiche. Juggling various timing with each elements of the dish tested our team’s skilling; making hummus, grilled aubergine, soft boiled egg, Zhough (chill garlic paste) and finally Amba (a tangy mango pickle condiment) to construct this mouthwatering dish.

Finally, the knife skills of our team were sharpened enough to tackle an appetizing Fattoush (Lebanese salad) as their last dish which was to accompany both dishes. Unfortunately this dish proved quite tricky for some and blue plasters where needed on fingers at the end. Then the tasting began, with everyone sampling each dish and giving a verdict. After all dishes were piled into the sink, the team decided the lahmacun was the favourite!

A great fun team day out, which have now spurred our team on, to be applying to MasterChef.