Helping Little Chef stand out from the crowd


Roadside convenience is increasingly competitive, and although location is key there’s now a lot more choice – improved petrol forecourt retail offers, quality standalones like Starbucks, and multi-brand propositions like Applegreen. People are eating more on the go and they’re no longer prepared to compromise on quality and environment.

Little Chef, with its brilliantly located roadside restaurants from Scotland to Cornwall, has occupied a big place in UK hearts (and appetites) for over 50 years. Its prime A road locations, combined with an offer of quality hot food that’s cooked to order and served by warm, friendly people, mean the brand is perfectly placed to reap the rewards of the public’s growing desire for dining convenience and personal service whilst on their journeys.

We built on the Little Chef retail concept to engender reconsideration amongst a hugely diverse range of customers. The result is a customer-centric Little Chef experience and environment that’s also operationally efficient, simple, modular, and flexible. The brand comes to life in the physical channel with its classic British homely design, outside areas have a new lease of life (with al fresco dining so kids can let off steam), and messaging is relevant. It’s all about a convenient, credible, welcoming, and brand-led alternative to the hassle and anonymity of pulling into a massive motorway services area.