Helping Britain Prosper

Lloyds Bank, Manchester


To actively support its commitment to helping Britain prosper, every aspect of Lloyds Bank’s brand new flagship branch in Manchester is focused on supporting its customers in that city, and reinforcing the bank’s long heritage of expertise and professionalism.

Unique experiences in this flagship surprise and delight, are aimed at local customer needs, and back the bank’s commitment. Things like a ‘Digital inclusion’ mindset that permeates throughout the branch; a barista-serviced coffee bar run by a local Manchester start-up and Lloyds Bank SME customer; a Business Hub Workspace to help Lloyds Bank SME customers get their businesses started; spaces for tailored events and seminars for business and retail customers; and state-of-the-art self-service safety deposit boxes where finger scanning leads you to a ‘James Bond’ style air lock room where your box is delivered from the branch’s basement.

Plus helpful staff will be on hand seven days a week throughout the day and evening to provide customers with access when they need it for face-to-face conversations, advice on complex needs, impromptu guidance, support, coaching, and demonstrations for self-service, online and mobile banking. Lloyds Bank has thought of everything that a bank can offer to give customers a great experience every day.



“We know that branches remain important for the big moments in life and people like
to speak to other people face to face. So branches are a vital part of our strategy, and we’re investing in our network to make sure it’s right for the future. As part of this, we’re trialling some different types of branches, one of which is the ‘flagship’ branch format.”

Spokesperson, Lloyds Bank