Evolving the T.K. Maxx store experience

City of London

With T.K. Maxx shops feeling more ‘value supermarket’ than ‘fashion and homeware store’, we were asked to evolve the store experience in terms of retail design, retail branding and retail communications to achieve the following:

  • Recognise and embrace the trend towards a more natural and textural environment
  • Ensure all key store touch points lead to a consistent customer experience
  • Create a sense of exploration and immersion in the products

We worked extensively with the T.K. Maxx in-house team to develop a wide range of store principles around planning, branding, windows, messaging, new lighting, materials, and finishes. These were first bought together at Gracechurch Street, a new flagship location in the City of London with smaller, more intimate departments to entice shoppers.

Results since the launch of Gracechurch Street have well exceeded expectations and as testament to that success, the new design is being rolled out to other city locations across Europe.

“Since the launch of the new design of the Gracechurch Street store, the revenue and footfall have exceeded expectations and our investment in design fees was recouped within the first week of launch.”

Alan Culverhouse, UK Vice-President, T.K. Maxx