Flagship store format which brings the Utilif brand to life

Smaralind, Iceland

Utilif is Iceland’s best-known sports goods department store, with particular expertise in clothing and equipment for outdoor pursuits. Its brand promise is one of sporting excellence and authenticity in a way that’s accessible and fun – appealing to a range of sporting enthusiasts, from keen amateurs to occasional dabblers.

The flagship store format and customer experience brings the Utilif brand promise to life, re-establishes its expertise and authority in a wide range of sports, and provides an engaging environment for 3rd party international brands such as North Face, Speedo, Under Armour, and Nike.

Taking a raw industrial approach to fixtures, finishes, and fittings, the new space feels like an urban gym. Footwear is probably the most critical equipment in any sports pursuit, so the heart of the space is the central ‘shipping container’ shoe department. This is radially surrounded by superbly merchandised mini-departments for 3rd party brands. A specialist equipment workshop and efficient services centre for cash, wrap, and fitting complete this impactful and cost-effective flagship.

“The opening weekend was a great success for Utilíf. And we are 6 times up compared to last year in sales!  We are happy and things are looking good, we are getting great feedback.”

Sigurður Reynaldsson, Development Manager, Hagar Hf.