Lloyds Bank Manchester: Helping Britain Prosper

Sep 26, 2017 | Banking, Retail Design

Banks are undergoing a sea change when it comes to the in-branch experience and format of physical branches. New, sometimes radical formats including pop ups, micro banks, and roaming branches provide environments that are community focused, tailored to location and customer need, provide services that can’t be obtained online, encourage high value conversations, add value, build loyalty, and engage people in a brand-led experience.

Case in point is our ongoing branch of the future strategy work with Lloyds Bank. Branches such as the award-winning Lloyds Clapham Junction and Lloyds Knightsbridge are highly targeted to the particular demographics of those areas. And Lloyds Bank mobile vans allow the bank to reach customers in areas where it may otherwise not have a ‘bricks and mortar’ presence. This all reinforces Lloyds Bank’s commitment to serving communities and provide a customer experience that’s brand-led, aspirational, and also functional.


Enter Lloyds Bank Manchester, the latest branch strategy iteration. To actively support its commitment to helping Britain prosper, every aspect of this brand new flagship branch in Manchester is focused on supporting its customers in that city, and reinforcing the bank’s long heritage of expertise and professionalism.


We’ve worked alongside Lloyds to create unique experiences in this flagship that surprise and delight, that are aimed at local customer needs, and that back the commitment:

  • Digital inclusion mindset permeates throughout the branch, to encourage customer consideration and adoption.
  • Barista-serviced coffee bar: Run by Ancoats – a local Manchester start-up and Lloyds Bank SME customer – the coffee bar ensures the perfect start to financial conversations.
  • Business Hub Workspace: A space to help Lloyds Bank SME customers get their businesses started: to actually work in, form a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and seek help and advice from the bank’s Business Managers. Local businesses will be introduced and promoted.
  • Events and Seminars: The branch is locally-minded and responsive to the community, with spaces for tailored business and retail customers regular events that positively contribute to financial well-being and prosperity.
  • State-of-the-art self-service safety deposit boxes: Finger scanning leads you to a ‘James Bond’ style air lock room, and the system automatically delivers your box from the branch’s basement – reassuringly secure access to your valuables, no keys or staff needed.


Plus helpful staff will be on hand seven days a week throughout the day and evening to provide customers with access when they need it for face-to-face conversations, advice on complex needs, impromptu guidance, support, coaching, and demonstrations for self-service, online and mobile banking.

Lloyds Bank has thought of everything that a bank can offer to give customers a great experience every day.

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