Swinton Insurance delivers positive in-branch customer experience

Oct 14, 2016 | Banking, Retail Design

Swinton Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products through its 300 retail branches across the UK. These also serve as micro-call centres, where staff contact local customers who then come in to the branches to finalise their contracts. The brand is committed to working hard for its very loyal customers which often goes back generations within the same family, and is known for taking the time to listen and going the extra mile.

Following a brand refresh, Swinton turned to us create a branch experience that works for customer and staff needs alike, that can attract more drop in customers, and that’s more closely aligned to the brand’s new visual identity. A bright canopy adds visual stand out externally. Inside, the customer journey starts with a welcome and dwell area for quick transactions and walk-in queries as you enter the branch, through to more private areas for longer consultations the further you go in. We’ve doubled these areas up as ergonomic and completely compliant call centre workstations. Although retaining an open plan feel, softer materials and finishes combined with ceiling rafts and padded walls soak up sound to maintain privacy. In-branch communications and colours are based on the brand’s identity system, but enhanced to work in the 3D environment.

The pilot at Preston has been a huge success. Qualitative research amongst staff and existing/prospective customers shows that the new branch experience complements the brand and delivers a positive customer experience, the new branch is far more closely aligned to Swinton’s brand identity, the front of the branch has a modern feel, and the in-branch ambience is a much improved more welcoming environment.