7 ways to reinvigorate your workplace

7 March 2023

For many, Covid-19 has challenged the purpose of having large centralised offices. Most businesses are maintaining a work from home policy, but the gradual return of employees to the workplace will be combined with changing uses and attitudes.

Many aspects of daily life continue to be less structured and steered by convention – freeform food halls and street food challenge the traditional restaurant 3-course meal. Farmers markets seem more fun and colourful than huge, homogenous supermarkets and formal office wear seems to be going the way of the bowler hat! The same can be said for the workplace – we will meet there, collaborate there, do certain tasks there, but what can this look like?

We have identified 7 ways you can reinvigorate your workplace to keep it relevant and future-proof it.

1. Campus or clubhouse

Reimagine the workplace to be about collaboration, idea-sharing and group meetings – and open to all – not just colleagues but clients, customers and partners.

2. Wellbeing and health

Adopt more progressive attitudes from Scandinavia – such as team lunch areas, adjustable height desks, responsive lighting etc.

3. Show you care

The workplace needs to move beyond corporate trumpet blowing and move to promoting a wider mission – essentially the reason why your organisation exists, beyond just making profit.

4. Local urbanism

The appeal of any workplace extends well beyond the entrance and four walls. ‘Extending the boundaries’ (metaphorically) beyond ‘our building’ – to support and enjoy local facilities, businesses and spaces can hugely increase the appeal of a workplace location.

5. Better than home

Now that millions of people have experienced the benefits (and drawbacks) of home working, the new workplace has to step up and identify the areas and facilities that are ‘better than home’ as well as focusing on activities you can’t do at home.

6. Choice of space

Closed office or open plan – used to be the binary choice. However, it is now recognised that different types of work can benefit from a range of specific workspaces – for example – quiet spaces, social spaces, collaborative spaces, and library space. What will work best for your teams?

7. Food and drink

Beyond the office fruit box and a decent coffee machine there is a more proactive role needed in providing food, drink and refreshments that are not only healthy but actively enhance effective productivity.

Whilst many people recognise the significant benefits of working from home, now is the perfect time to challenge the conventional wisdom behind your workspace and consider what will help people thrive in the office environment.