Arion Bank: Reimagining the branch for both customers and staff


Arion Bank


Brand application · End-user Journey Mapping · Experience and environment concept · Strategy & Planning

The Challenge

Arion Bank has been the leading innovative bank in the Scandinavian region – developing new thinking for each of its channels to make banking easier for its customers. Face-to-face service is a key part of its strategy and it has been looking at new and effective ways to leverage its real estate square metres – both branches and head office / corporate buildings.

Our challenge was to reimagine the experience and environment for its flagship head office building to enable it to be used in a more flexible and organic way for both staff and customers. SME / Business customers and Premier customers were two initial groups identified that would benefit from wider use of the facilities.

The idea

Our solution looked to transition the experience and environment by rethinking the propositions as a Clubhouse. Where staff can use the space flexibly, and customers can also access the facilities for meetings with the banks experts or as shared work space.

A wide range of facilities captured every need including hot desk areas, quiet work areas, business lounge, refreshments area and even a fully equipped cinema theatre for bigger presentations and events.

These new uses for the building required a deep analysis of the user experience and key customer touchpoints to create a porous and borderless environment that serves both customers and staff. The banks progressive attitude to ensuring value is passed onto customers is demonstrated through its clean, timeless and modest approach to design which is created in the spirit of an accessible boutique hotel or members club.

The success of this solution is down to inventive and original thinking – avoiding the obvious design clichés, high costs and inflexibility.