Arion Bank: Together we make good things happen


Arion Bank


CX definition · Digital Migration · Retail Branch Design · Shopper Journey Analysis

The Challenge

We’ve been working with Scandinavia-based Arion Bank to develop its physical channel strategy, grounded in several customer insights.

Bank customers will be progressively more time squeezed and live more in the ‘now’. As a result, they’ll look for convenience and productivity solutions, and will cherish ‘slow’ moments with time to reflect. Although increasingly self-reliant, they’ll seek help to make life-changing decisions. They will, however, be resistant to formality or hierarchies, preferring to engage on a more equal footing where their opinion counts.

The Idea

Our strategy for Arion Bank moves away from a transactional process-driven approach. Instead, it’s the experiential embodiment of Arion Bank’s brand promise – this is a company where ‘Together we make good things happen’. This ‘good things’ branch is rather daringly counterless, and the flexible and reconfigurable space is more like an Apple store than a bank, incorporating experiences that are digitally seamless and integrated with other channels; relevant, engaging, educational and inspiring; and a showcase for proactive, knowledgeable staff that can advise, guide and steer customers. This is a confident concept that supports Arion Bank’s commitment to making good things happen together.