Húsasmiðjan: Home is where life happens




Customer Journey Mapping · Environment Design & Activation · Multi-Format Strategy · Research · User Experience Strategy

The Challenge

Dedicated to delivering the best customer experience.
The best shopper experience (Retail & Professionals).
The best product experience.
The best project experience.

Developing the ‘Why’ – differentiators for retail including encouraging more female consideration. Understanding the evolving needs for Professionals, integrating App led purchasing behaviours, including Click & Collect. Meshing offers for a premier Timberyard offer, electrical wholesaler Iskraft, and garden centre Blómaval. Multi-format definition and development responding to location driven opportunity assessments.

The Idea

To encourage and enable customers to live their best lives through their homes. To be the store of choice, across all customer journeys, for home builders and home makers.

Creating a store experience that includes:

Digital showrooms, Click&Collect, ‘How to’ training events, Design & Inspirations Advice, Finance and Credit.

Destination & Occasional shopping, Advice and Inspiration to create dwell time.

(Proximity, In & out shopping, Range and Easy Navigation.)

Bygma Gruppen is a top 100 company in Denmark with multiple business units throughout the Nordic region. “Good merchandising, diligence and foresight are the cornerstones of Bygma’s business”. Aligned with growth and profitability are running a responsible company that contributes positively to society.